The emerging trends of the casino to fight with the pandemic

The casino is a favourite destination of the gamblers. However, the casino industry had noticed some amount of downfall due to the massive layoffs and job cuts due to the pandemic. People were afraid to spend more money and hence gambling was paused by many for some time. However now casinos have introduced new methods to fight with the pandemic. Let’s see some of the things that have changed post the COVID fiasco:

casino's fight with pandemicCashless transactions:

The land-based casinos have initiated cashless transactions so that touch can be prevented. Master card, Visa Card, PayPal, Bitcoins and many more payment methods are being accepted by the land-based casinos currently.

Increased measures are implemented to have proper hygiene and sanitization in the land-based casino: You can now find the slot machines that are properly sanitized and more importance is given on proper sanitization of any surface on the casinos. If one sick player who is infected by flu also plays in the casino he can touch the surfaces like poker video button or dice and the germs can spread further when another person touches the same dice.

Hence improved sanitation processes are increasingly important in the land-based casinos. H VAC systems are also introduced as an advanced sanitation process. The H VAC systems include multiple chillers, heat exchanges, and cooling towers

Corona Virus test and temperature monitor is done at the casinos: The casinos also insist on doing a temperature done of the gamblers to check if they are infected by the virus or not. Also, the gamblers must necessarily wear a mask before entering the land-based casinos.

Before a person comes for playing he needs to be checked and be certified as a non-infected person.
Social distancing has been made mandatory in some of the casinos: Spacing is made mandatory between the tables. Increased importance is given in keeping the overall facilities safe and secure In some of the land-based casinos, the handheld games like the Poker, Texas Holder and other poker-style games are stopped for some time as they increase the chances of the virus speeding.

Since prevention is better than cure hence you must take proper precautions before entering the land-based casinos. People have started flocking in the land-based casinos after they have reopened post lockdown hence you must be extremely alert and take all the safety measures for not getting infected by the Corona virus Make sure to wear a mask and carry your own handier.

Also, refrain from getting too close to any players while gambling. You should maintain adequate physical distance while playing. You can also consider utilizing the online casinos amidst the pandemic to avoid the crowd.